What I do for fun…

When I’m not slogging through code during the day, I am doing one, or multiples of some of the following things simultaneously.  Here they are in no particular order:


I love books.  Libraries are comforting places to me and I don’t visit them nearly as much as I should or would like.  Mel and I can be found almost every Sunday afternoon at local bookstores sipping coffee, relaxing and feeding our brains with info that completes us.  On a somewhat ironic note, my love of reading doesn’t translate to exceptional reading speed.  For all the reading I do get in, I’m a really slow reader.  I’m not sure why honestly, I’ve just always been that way.  I’d like to think it’s because I savor the read more than I savor the amount of books lining my shelf. 😉


More than anything else in my life, the one thing that has remained a constant is my love of telling stories.  Ever since I’ve been able to speak, I’ve been creating worlds and the characters that breath in them.  It’s helped me through many highs and lows in my life and though I’ve never been published, I’m not in a terrible rush to be.  I’m certainly not going to lie, it’d be great to share my stories with millions of others.  But that will come someday and for now, I’m content with writing for me.  To date, I’ve got a 1200 page fantasy/horror novel that’s 90% done (it’s been collecting dust for a few years now), enough poems to fill a small book (some of them pretty good), a good amount of movie reviews that were published on IGN’s now defunct horror movie review site, and a screen play that I am collaborating with a good friend on, who’s first draft is just beginning to see the light of day!

Most writing I’ve been doing nowadays is on finishing said screenplay, but I also do a fair amount of blogging.  So check out the blog on this site to see what’s going on in my crazed melon.  I try to update it somewhat consistently, but sometimes life has different plans.

Listening To Music:

Music has proven to be an unstoppable force in my life.  My tastes are incredibly eclectic.  I own, and am a fan of, almost every genre except country. Trust me, I’ve tried people!  But I can’t get into it.  Though, after listening to a lot of it just by hanging around with friends, I can see why people dig it.  Just not me.  Everything else I’ll listen to and love.  It’s such a universal language, music, and fewer things stir my emotions more than the right song at the right time.  I met Melinda because of music and it’s soothed a lot wounds in my lifetime.

I owe music a lot.

Being Outdoors:

The one thing I don’t do nearly enough of.  I hike, I camp, I backpack, I have plans to thru-hike the AT with Mel one day… I have all of these plans!  Melinda and I feel most at home outdoors and we fully plan to retire to the wilderness when we get to that “certain point” in our lives and we will.  It’s just a matter of time.  There’s a peace and symbiosis out there that human beings will never be able to manufacture.

I take a lot of solace in that fact.


Film, like music, has become a wonderful tidal wave of inspiration for me throughout my entire life.  Some of my fondest memories as a child were in the darkness of a theatre!  Those memories are still getting made as an adult as well!  Nothing gets me more “geeked out” than seeing a particular trailer that makes me lean towards Mel and say “we’re paying 20 bucks to see this opening night”.  I’ll watch pretty much anything if it grabs me!  There’s no particular genre I won’t watch. Though I’m somewhat obsessive about independent film and the horror genre (my friends, I’m sure, would describe me more as “obsessive compulsive”) and much of my time is spent combing the depths of the internet for trailers looking for that next “big experience”.  I just love to see someone else’s stories come to life in front of me!

I’ve written a bunch of reviews over the last year or two on festivals I’ve attended and movies that have affected me.  You can find them in archives if you’re interested.

Much More To Come I’m Sure! Thanks for Taking Such an Interest …