A Fast Getaway…

The canopy

A lot of folks looked at me with a cocked brow when I told them I was staying in a tipi for a long weekend of writing. I honestly can’t say that I blame them. Especially when there were cabins on the same property literally a stone’s throw away (for the same price no less) from the platform the tipi was erected on. I didn’t really have an answer, so I either smiled or laughed it off with a “…just thought I’d try something different…”.

The answer to me though was pretty obvious: I needed to get back to basics. And while the tipi had pretty swanky accommodations inside (a bed, kitchenette, couch, etc…) it was the simplicity of it all that I hoped would give me a clear head to simply write.

And write simply.

As I’ve mentioned before, this last year has been spent refocusing on myself quite a bit. I have been feeling a little rudderless and that has made my occasional bouts of saddness a little more frequent than I would like. I’ve finally gotten to point in my life where “shopping therapy” no longer works and adding to the mountain of stuff that I already have, only buries me deeper (metaphorically speaking of course). So when I reached the point I was at recently, I knew it was time for me to step out my comfort zones and take matters into my own hands. Before I knew it, I had a daypack filled with a little clothing, my laptop bag and a power cord in the back seat of a rented car, making a beeline down the highway towards Black Mountain, NC.

My head was full of thoughts and ideas! Sure a few doubts rattled in there, but they were crowded by my hopes.

Getting there was the easy part, the tipi was everything I hoped it would be (and more) and after I made another trip into town for additional supplies, I was ready to start.

A wonderful weekend...

The words didn’t come easily, sometimes they simply don’t, but once I finished a sentence, another one came. And then came a paragraph, and then a page. Before the weekend was over I had a little over 6000 original words! To say I was pleased would be an understatement.


When I wasn’t writing I was reading outside or going on hikes around the property where I was staying. I spent a lot of time being still, thinking and breathing.

For the first time in a long while, I actually felt like “me”. I missed my best friend and our pets but it turns out I was also missing a lot more. It was awfully nice to blow the dust off everything and get reacquainted with what makes me tic.

A lot of folks head into the woods to get lost. But I guess I was looking to get found.

3 thoughts on “A Fast Getaway…

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  2. How come I’ve lost your blog? I think a lot of things disappeared with my old rss feed reader a while back. This sounds very attractive to me right now. I might ask you where I can find a tipi when I get back. 😀

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