I can’t say that New Years resolutions have ever been “my thing” really but this year I made an active effort to make some, hrmmm…, I guess I’ll call them promises and hopes for myself this year.

Last year I spent an unhealthy amount of time serving other folks wants and needs and, while helping people out is incredibly fulfilling to me, I kinda lost sight of what makes me happy in this life.  So this year I’m hoping to turn that back around.

The big one I’m hoping to do more than anything else is number one on the list (with a bullet): do something creative for at least an hour a day.

This may seem like a pretty big challenge and that’s mostly because it is, but the very nature of my being has always been geared towards creation of some kind and outside of a HUGE project I did last year with a good friend, I haven’t nurtured that part of “me” in a very long time.  So I really want to turn that around the best that I can.  For the most part so far, the daily aspect of this promise to myself, while challenging, has been really rewarding.  This will hopefully translate into more content on my blogs as well (yes, that includes this one 😉 )!

I also want to take better care of my body.  As far as bodies go, I’ve been very blessed in that out of all the stupid things I’ve done in my life, I’ve only come away with a broken nose and whole slew of the cuts and bruises.  I should’ve gotten a lot more banged up and broken but for whatever reason, be it luck or just simple resilience, I’ve fared quite well.  But, now that I’m turning 35 in less than a week, I’m definitely noticing some general wear and tear from my years in a mostly sedentary job.  When I get up to do things that involve any kind of physical movement, I tend to feel it much, much more the next day.  So this year I’m going to try to take better care myself, inside and out.

Mel and I have already been working on the “inside” part.  We’ve mostly fallen into a vegetarian lifestyle eating a lot of raw vegetables and cutting out more and more cooked meat (though I still love the occasional burger or meat lover’s pizza) and processed food.  There’s also ethical stuff that’s finally sinking in and over-riding my food choices on a more frequent basis, cutting out McDonalds completely for instance, or trying my best to eat local meat that I know’s been humanely cared for.  I can’t do it all the time, but when it’s feasible, I go the extra mile to do so.  I’ve always imagined that I will go 98% vegetarian someday, with the occasional fish and bird thrown in to diversify, ending up 100% vegetarian.  I just feel better when I do.

I’m also cutting down on alcohol. It’s tough because I love the taste and creation of beer (and good vodka), but I’m finding a little can go a long way and a hangover is no longer worth the “fun” of earning it. Wanna talk about self-loathing?  I’ve grown to hate even the smallest hangover now. What a waste of quality day-light!  Anyways, I’m not knocking it out completely because I really don’t want to, but I have noticed I imbibed too frequently last year and I want to give my body a little more of a rest between tasty pints.

On the physical end, I really want/need/crave some multi-day hikes and I have high hopes for this spring! In between now and then though, I’ve been seriously considering getting back into the yoga routine that I started with Mel years ago and working on my stunning lack of flexibility.  Melinda has  been WAY deep into her practice for the last year or two and I’m hoping I can kindle the same fire in me and find my own personal path in it all.  I really appreciate the inner focus it requires, simultaneously building and nurturing outer and inner strength.  It may require more discipline than I’m currently capable of, but this is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve been thinking about it as frequently as I have been.  It can only be viewed as a good thing in my very humble opinion.  Hopefully I can make it work, as I know it would be very good for me.

There’s frivolous fun in all of this too!  I really want to see more movies this year in the theater.  So basically, I’m getting over my intense irritation of the inherent rudeness of crowds today and I’m gonna get my ass to the cinema to the films I’m interested in.  Mel and I definitely have our love of music etched firmly into our lives (it’s about the one thing we both didn’t bend on these last few years) but movies are just as important to me/us, so I’m going to make an effort to see more. I’m always psyched when I do.

In the end I’m hoping all of this will produce a happier state of mind and tame the frequent storm clouds of anger and irritation I often feel.  In short, a happier, more present “me”.

Sounds good doesn’t it ;)?

If you lurk on my site and want to share, feel free to share your hopes for this year in comments below! I’d love to hear about them!

2 thoughts on “Resolutions…

  1. I think these sound like great goals Tad…very all encompassing and yet very realistic. I actually have quite similar goals…making time for creativity, for exercise, for fun (!!)…learning what makes me happy rather than focusing on that for everyone else…slow down, I know it sounds cliche but live in the moment; time is passing me by so fast it’s frightening. And finally nurture relationships (friends and family) more…because those are part of what makes me very happy and yet I tend to not give them the attention they need.

    Good luck on your promises and hopes for 2011.

    • Thanks Rachel! I’m sorry your comment got nailed by my WordPress spam filter. I fixed that! Yeah it’s hard to turn your energy on yourself but I’m learning that if you let that aspect of your life dwindle, you kinda lose a lot in the long run. Good luck with your promises and hopes as well! I really hope to see you this year and not miss out like this last year.

      Much love,


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