The Fine Art of Staying Put…

So, as noted here and numerous other places that we could feel sorry for ourselves, we didn’t get to take our trip to Scandinavia this week, but, on the flip-side we did take a week off and while we may still steal away for little getaway, we’ll all likely just stay put.

Sounds like a really sad consolation prize eh? Maybe.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a pity party, we’re making the best of it! Sitting on the porch sipping coffee slowly, local hikes, ball games, writing, reading, yoga, movies and all this in just the first few days!  It’s kinda wonderful really and it’s afforded us some good time to reflect on a lot of stuff at our own pace.  The inertia of everything we started years ago is really starting to build up steam to the point where there’s no stopping it.

And, frankly, that’s exciting. REALLY exciting!

But it also requires some serious thought and planning.  This week, the thought part is getting tackled with gusto!

The planning? Planning has always been a natural by-product of our tiny hive-mind network and it’s been nice to see it all churn at it’s own pace.  We’ve accomplished some amazing things on our toes, but we’ve always done things that lasted forever when we had the time to focus.

Plus, autumn is coming!  And only the best things have ever come from fall.

So yeah, we could wallow. No one would blame us. But we both see the futility in all of that.


Currently Listening to: S. Carey’s “In the Stream” off his album “All We Grow”

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