When Tech is Fun For Me…

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I know, I’ve spent a good amount of time lately talking about walking the fine line of living a tech infused life and simply living.  Reading my past posts I’ve noticed the somewhat negative tone that’s in them and that’s a little bit of an unfair sentiment.  There are definitely times when my interest in tech has been extremely rewarding and this weekend was definitely one of them!

Starting this last Saturday the city of Raleigh hosted it’s very first Wordcamp!!

Wordcamp is a giant gathering of folks who work with, or are interested in, WordPress (the open source project that Mel and my sites run on). There were all sorts experience levels there from core and theme developers to folks who simply use WordPress in their day to day blogging rituals.  The event was filled with hour long presentations that dealt with the various aspects of a WordPress site like media embedding, plugin development, monetization of your site, integrating other external services, theme development theory, you name it!  It was pretty much covered!

To say it was an out and out IT geek fest would most likely be an understatement, but rarely have I ever been in such a group of said individuals that was so accommodating and interested in what everyone had to say.  There was a real sense of community that wasn’t about the typical belittlement that goes on these types of gatherings.  Sure there were the usual debates about hardware and operating systems (mostly Mac versus PC) but when it came down to talking about WordPress, it’s past, present and future, folks were all business and there was a ton of good sharing going on. I learned some good stuff and can’t wait to apply it to my future creations!   Seriously, it was top notch!

When I started developing sites in WordPress years ago, I was kind of going with my gut, figuring something this intuitive and easy to use would naturally be adopted by the populace. So you can imagine how psyched I was to see the size of the community that an open source project like WordPress has generated in the Triangle area.  The entire even was almost completely sold out!  On a weekend before a long weekend no less!

I truly hope it was successful enough to throw another one next year! I honestly don’t see how it couldn’t have been!

Well done Raleigh!


3 thoughts on “When Tech is Fun For Me…

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      Thanks for the kind words on my site! The design is actually a home made one that I built myself. You can’t really find it anywhere but you could make it yourself!

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