On the Fine Art of Periodically Pulling the Plug…

Since my early to mid 20’s until now (34 years), I’ve been a constantly connected individual.

It all started when my first IT gig out of college gave me a bag phone for my car (basically a HUGE bulky cell phone) and then helped me pay for my first laptop (an enormous, yet incredibly well-made Dell Inspiron).

Since then, I’ve been reachable just about anywhere.

And in all honesty not much has changed.  Though I have gotten a lot more cagey in my old age.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the ability to get information from pretty much anywhere.  I love moderating and updating my sites from the passenger seat of a vehicle speeding up the highway to anywhere. I love documenting and sharing my interests with the world at anytime I feel the need to.  I adore keeping tabs on the handful of people very near and dear to my heart.

It’s all become surprisingly important to me.

But it’s also a fine line that I walk, as I already spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week staring at a glowing screen trying to earn a living. Then I come home and sit in front of my screen again, spending much needed time for myself and my interests.  It is  needed, but there comes a time where it becomes entirely too much.  I get cranky and life seems suddenly very cramped.  And before I know it (often too late unfortunately), I realize I need to step away.  Whether I want to or not.

I need to unplug.

My love of info and pixels paints my life into a bit of a corner sometimes and though much of that time is either necessary or immensely fulfilling, a lot of that time is also simply burning up the minutes in a day.  Winter is the worst for this behavior, but now that spring is gloriously here, I find breaking the habit is not only necessary, but it’s also irritatingly belated.  I always realize that I should’ve done it a lot sooner and when I finally do, I find a lot of wonderful things patiently waiting for me.

Like my raised veggie garden beds!

A compost heap in need of turning!

Farmer’s Markets reopening!

The newest family moving into our bird house!


The local trails…


A dog that needs more walks (and a brushing).

Live music!


Books on the bedside table collecting dust!

It’s all of these things that patiently wait for me (sometimes constantly), to shake the haze from a brain over saturated with digitally enhanced brightness and contrast.  I’ll always love digital age, it’s kinda part of my DNA now, but it’s not the most important thing in my life.

As I keep adding years under my belt, I’m learning more and more that life’s about movement.  Getting my hands dirty, using my voice, feeling textures, getting more than a few blisters, holding the door open for anybody, saying “Hi, how are you?” and really meaning it, creating something I can hold, trying to hug your friends instead of shaking their hands….

It’s about feeling the heart beat; from the physical as well as the emotional.

Again, it’s about movement… of you and everything flowing around you.  You simply can’t experience it sitting in front of a glowing screen.  You gotta unplug once a while, or maybe even for good.

A fact I need to be reminded of every once and a while (thanks Mel 😉 )!
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2 thoughts on “On the Fine Art of Periodically Pulling the Plug…

  1. Hi Tad! To this: “Getting my hands dirty, using my voice, feeling textures, getting more than a few blisters…” – YESSSS! Well said. Wait another ten years and it all keeps getting more and more important! I keep saying I’m working in my last desk job in front of a computer ever – if I can ever get out of here. Hope to see you in MD on Saturday!

    • Thanks Dawn! I don’t know if we’ll be up this weekend or not, it’s looking to be a long shot as we’ve got a good amount to do this weekend, but you never know. Sometimes the need to “get outta dodge” supersedes the need to do the stuff that always needs doing 😉 I sincerely hope that we can though!

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