Tumbling, Expanding and Finishing…

I find it particularly interesting when I witness portions of my life that have existed in one form of stasis for years, suddenly evolve.  It’s not like it happens all of the time, but it has begun to happen in the last few months.

Let’s start with Tumblr shall we? And yes, I do mean the web based web 2.0 blogging service that is elegantly simple.  For longest time I’ve always wanted to have a web-based project that utilized any interesting photography I’ve been able to snap.  I tried “The Pebble Project” a few years back and that fizzled due to the herculean effort of keeping up with it. I almost gave up the idea entirely when along came an iPhone app that went on sale.  What it did was allow me to take photos from my phone (not a great camera honestly) and then transfer them filter that made them into what looked like old school pictures from a polaroid camera. I even have to shake my phone to make them expose completely!  It’s pretty cool and along with Tumblr’s own iPhone app, I feel pretty confident in mentioning the newest project I’ve been taking a valiant stab at.  It’s called “Bits and Pieces…” and it can be found right here!  It’s been fun and I think I’ve come up with some pretty awesome and compelling pics.  Take a look and let me know what you think!

I’ve also been expanding out into the video tutorial realm with my clients and the WordPress sites I’ve been building for them.  It’s far from Coppola or anything, but it has been fun working with video editing software a little more often and it’s been great working with other web-based services out there.  So if you are interested in learning the basics on how WordPress sites work, check out my tutorials I’ve built in over on my Vimeo channel.  It’s been a really fun learning experience for me.

Also, if you are curious as to what I used to create these tutorials, it’s an amazing screencast software utility called “ScreenFlow”.  Google it, you’ll find it and love it! 😉

Lastly, I also had the distinct pleasure of FINALLY finishing the first draft or horror film screenplay that I’ve been collaborating with a good, good friend on for the last two years.  It’s really good!  And it also happens to be the only thing in recent years that I’ve actually finished.  We took both of our wives out this week and celebrated the occasion with hearty toast and lots of reflection!  So what’s next?  The second draft!  Which, with a little luck, should go a lot faster.  We have hopes of selling it, but we also have hopes of making it into a graphic novel and film it ourselves!

We don’t know exactly what we’re doing, but there is one thing I can say with utmost confidence: it feels good… really good.

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One thought on “Tumbling, Expanding and Finishing…

  1. Hey Tad–CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the first draft! What an amazing first step! I wish you luck on the next stages…how cool would that be if you developed a graphic novel and then actually filmed it yourselves!!

    I miss the pebble project, but could see how much work that would be. I like the idea behind your new one and I’ll try to follow along. I’ve looked at the images you’ve put up so far and there are some that are definitely captivating…and such a unique 70’s sort of style. And to me, the technological kindergartner, the fact these come from an iphone plus an app makes it even more interesting. Have fun with it!

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