About Friends…

I can’t believe we’re already in August.  I visited the site while I was at training last week and couldn’t believe that I still had the post up about the Golf being sold; from the end of June! 😦

The point of a blog is of course to update it and update it frequently.  But man has life had me in a frenzy lately. Nothing bad per say though I regret that it’s involved a lot of what I like to call “screen time” (basically, time in front of a computer).  But, I’m also in an odd little place where I’ve really been enjoying what I’m doing with said time in my off hours.  I’ve connected with some pretty awesome people!  On the days I feel like I need to unplug, I make sure that I do.  But, for now, I’m gonna keep doing the little projects I have lined up on the side and enjoy connecting with people I never would’ve connected with otherwise.

When the time does come to unplug, I have an amazing network of friends to bring me back down and focus on what’s important to me.  This weekend, above all weekends brought this fact home for me.  We got together with friends in Raleigh and just sat around eating pizza, drinking Fat Tire and watching 3 horror movies that they all wanted me to pick out!  The gathering wasn’t really even my idea!  I didn’t host.  I didn’t get the food.  I did very little.  In short, we all knew what a fun night for all of us would be and we threw it together.  I don’t have too many friends I can do that with.  I’m sure it wasn’t a big deal for them, they are all so genuinely and naturally kind people, but it was a big deal to me.

I’ve been walking a pretty introverted line my entire life and because of this, I’ve made much fewer friends then I bet I would’ve made if I was the extroverted type.  I have zero regrets about this tact though.  I’ve always felt that it was better to have 10 really close friends, than a 100 drinking buddies.  So far it’s worked out really great 😀 .

I offer no pics of said individuals, no details.  I only offer my sincerest thanks!

Life’s really damn short and I’ve been pretty blessed to share it with some of the best group of individuals on the planet!  And I’m grateful for that fact every morning I wake up.


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