Sad Farewells…

Wow! What a crazy day yesterday was, let alone week! So many cult icons (icons I grew up with) left our world, it’s kind of head-spinning to think we’ll never see their smiling faces moving on our lit screens alive again. I hope they rest in peace. They certainly left a legacy of entertainment behind for all of us to reflect on and remember! Good memories too! I suppose we can only hope for that much.

Golf pics... Golf pics...

Yesterday also brought the selling of my beloved Golf. She was a great car and, as much as car could be, a loyal trusted friend. It’s interesting how much an object can pull at the heart strings! We formed a lot of memories with that car and it was definitely hard to let her go. But after we bought the Prius, we found we were using her for things less and less. Then reliability became an issue, she failed inspection for the first time and we started to debate the price of everything to get her into tip top shape again (trust me… it was a lot) against the fact that we really only drove her two to three times a month.

Add in the monthly and annual payments we had to make and it was no-brainer really. Albeit a painful one.

She had to go 😦 .

So I put her up on Craig’s List hoping for an uber diesel enthusiast, biofuels geek (like me), and someone who’d work on her to get back into shape! Long story short, that exact person contacted me 2 hours after the posting went up and just like that, 48 hours later, the Golf was parked in a new, truly exceptional home! With a fully stocked garage no less 😀 !

I will absolutely miss her, but to know that she’ll ride again and give another family 1000’s of miles of service is a good feeling.

So now we’re a one car family!

It’s the first time in a long time, but I’m psyched for the challenge. There are a ton of options afforded to us here public transportation-wise and while I know we won’t find that everywhere and that every once and a while it’ll put us between a rock and hard place, it’ll save us money and it takes another car off the road. It also moves us one more HUGE step towards where we want to be, and that’s exciting!

“So long old friend! Thanks for all that you did!”

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