Bittersweet Breaks…

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Do we need them?  Well, for me, hell yes!  My 40 hour a week desk job, while the best IT situation I could ask for, doesn’t really lead to the most fulfilling life for me. This a fact that I am really grateful for honestly.  So, to satiate our need to claw out of our fluorescent lit offices for good,  Melinda and I are constantly looking for cheap ways to get out side and exist in the world around us.  So much of what we do each day is artificial and while it does have meaning (to somebody) it doesn’t feed the soul like a hike in the woods, or a walk on the beach, or getting my hands dirty in our veggie garden does.

That tactile feel on your hands, the huff and puff of fresh air in your lungs, the progress you see, the distance you’ve come; it all matters.  In short, it simply needs to be done.

But there’s one thing that sucks about doing “it”, and that is “going back to real-life”.

It’s a bittersweet aftermath honestly and it’s something I’ve been battling a lot lately in the last year or two.  I go on this amazing trip, a trip where I could literally see myself doing what I’m doing for the rest of my life, but then there’s that nagging hook lodged in the back of my skull. Tugging gently at first, then yanking vigorously as my time away ends.  It’s reality, and depending on the week, it’s a real gut check.   I say this coming from the stance that I know the life I currently live is generally considered a good one.  I want for very little, if anything, and the job I have is solid and at times stimulating.  I’m not knocking what I’ve done, or what I am doing.  But time away always gives me the reinforced sense that I’m built for something else and that sense can be so frigging in intoxicating.

It is a break, it is sweet affirmation, but it can also be such a bitch all at the same time!  At very least I know where I’m going though, I know the direction.  I just gotta keep my head above water, keep on swimming and wait for that tide to go my way.

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One thought on “Bittersweet Breaks…

  1. Hi! Came to your site via Kat’s site and your other half. If that is your backyard, it’s lovely! I think I would want to spend all my time out there too.

    BTW, Kat’s new site looks amazing.

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