My Growing Disdain for Craigslist…

Ok… so recently Mel and I have been trying to down-size our lives quite a bit.  It’s been well documented, somewhat here and more on  Anyways, though we’ve given a bunch for free to charity, some things we figured we could make a little money.  Not a lot mind you, just… something.  

While I’ve rocked Freecycle a bit and have had more good experiences than bad with my local Freecycle group, sometimes you feel you would/could/should make a little money on those “not so well thought out” purchases from the past.  This leaves you with  some options.  A yard sale (we’ve thought of it more than once but… no.).  Ebay, which more often than not involves shipping to someone far, far away. Or Craig’s List which is more locally focused, people can actually come and pick up the wares that you are trying to sell.  Easy-peasy right?  Well, yeah, in theory.  

At any rate, I think you know which option I chose.

First, a serious disclaimer before I let loose.  I am close to finally getting someone to buy and pick up something this next week but that has been my ONLY success with CraigsList. More below.  The main bummer of all of this is that I only reached this person after a bit of hoop jumping with other folks that frankly could’ve been easily avoided.  That said, the person who is coming to pick up my item has been responsive, more than friendly and accommodating.  She’s coming way out of her way and I really appreciate it. 

So, her not included, here we go…


I’ve tried the Craig’s List route several times now and for whatever reason I have had a ton of interactions with several people who want to buy my stuff, but it doesn’t pan out at the last minute.  It’s not even that really, because that implies that I go to meet them and they change their mind after they’ve seen what I had to offer.  

It’s not been like that at all. 

What’s actually happened is that I’ve made plans and set aside time to meet up with folks and when I am waiting for their response for a meet up time, a specific place, and, god forbid, a way to identify them in a public place; they never get back in touch. I’ve even on several occasions, given my cell phone number.  Nothing.

And just like that, I am reminded of how the internet suddenly strips most of us of all sense of decorum, manners, and a genuine care for someone else’s time.  Am I missing something? Is this way Craig’s List works?  I’m more than nice and accommodating to these complete strangers and almost every time, so far anyways, I’ve gotten ignored, slighted, or on one occasion, out and out argued with.:neutral:

It’s a shame really, as I can see the benefit of such a service.  Several of my friend’s have had awesome luck with it (they’re usually purchasing though, not selling) getting great deals all the while helping someone else out.

It’s the way I imagined it would be if I jumped in.  Unfortunately it hasn’t though, so again, I gotta ask:

Am I missing something?  :roll:

I mean what a great idea!  People helping people.  It’s a crying shame that it just so happens it’s the “people part” that has been souring the deal.

Maybe that’s the game.  I don’t know.  But honestly?  I’m getting a little tired of playing.


One thought on “My Growing Disdain for Craigslist…

  1. Oooh, that sucks! Kinda strange though, because I was just looking around on Craigslist this morning for a dresser for my son. I was amazed at how much money people want for a dresser! Most of them were between $200 and $300 and that’s a bit much when I was expected garage sale prices, basically. Not antiques and not perfect condition stuff, either. Anyway. I’ve never tried to sell anything on Craigslist, although I’ve considered it as we’re in the midst of the Great Attic Clean Out. Maybe I’ll donate instead – just as I’ll hit the thrift store and see what they have in the way of dressers. :o)

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