On Turning 33…

I typically don’t do much for my birthday each year.  I’m really tough to shop for and I absolutely HATE having any kind of fuss made over me (much to Mel’s chagrin).  So what I typically do is pick out my own gift each year (Mel grabs me something comparatively much cheaper by herself) and I give myself the gift of taking the day off from work.

I thoroughly encourage others to do the same.

Taking a day for yourself can be one of the greatest gifts on the planet in today’s day and age.  These days encourage so much speed and efficiency; but to what end?  We all need that time to slow down once and a while, so why not on the very day your life started?

I don’t know, it all makes some sort of sense to me.

So that’s how I roll on my b-day each year.  I sleep in.  I get up.  I drink coffee.  I reflect.  This year was very much the same except something came up that I simply couldn’t ignore.  I actually kinda just happened upon it really.  I was perusing the listings at the Carolina Theatre and noticed that their RetroFantasma showing for the month was going to be on my birthday!!!  Not only that, it was one of my all time favorite horror flicks:  John Carpenter’s “The Thing”!!

And thus, weeks ahead of time, my birthday evening was completely planned!  I met up at a pub with a few of my buddies, my sister and her boyfriend and of course my best friend in the whole world!  Pints were consumed, laughter was shared and we then made our way out into the cold to go see a genuine classic on the big screen!  The theatre was packed (kind of unusual actually), everyone there was a fan of the film and we all had an awesome time!


The Thing The Thing

The point?

I’m truly blessed with some great friends in my life and this was one of those nights that brought all of that home.  What an awesome night! What a great day!  It reaffirmed that material things can’t come close to such a good life.

No doubt, 33 was a trying and troublesome year for me (and Mel for that matter) but we made it through and a lot of things are clearer now.

What’s more is I can’t help but feel that there is more in store for me this year!   The good stuff that is.

In some ways I can’t wait, but in other ways I can appreciate the surprise that only patience can provide.  We’ll see!


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