State of the Blog Address…

Hey all,

Really sorry for taking so long to update my blog.  It’s actually a little perplexing, even to me, that it’s taken so long to get back to you all.  I wish I had some amazing excuse but I really don’t.  Life just pulled me in a million directions at once and got me a to a point I had to break things down to keep up.  I had The 3 Day event in DC, Mel’s Dad got remarried, I was playing soccer for the first time in years, we took some much needed time off, I’m still finishing up the first draft of the screenplay I’m co-writing, we had two other weddings to attend and add to all of that, work and the usual drama that occurs with everyday life and I simply had no time to spend blogging.

Both Mel and I have neglected our readership (though I have much, MUCH more so) and were hoping to get back on the horse and start writing for ourselves again.  There’s been a ton of self-reflection around these parts and I think I could definitely use the fix that only writing for Ruminations can give.

SO, hopefully this means you’ll be hearing more from me!

I do have a few things I’d like to bring up before I sign off for the evening though.

First up The Pebble Project.  It’s not defunct.  I’ve still been collecting stuff (all of it super cool in it’s own right) almost daily to share with you all, it’s just that I have to find a much better and more efficient way to serve it up to you.  I’ve been working with a few Flickr WordPress plugins, since Flickr is where I am keeping them all and I think I’m close to a solution, I just need a little more time to work on it.  Once I’ve nailed that down I will let you all know so you can enjoy it again.  Sorry I dropped the ball so hard on that one. I just simply couldn’t keep up with the daily postings.

Second, Movie Reviews.  It’s broken my heart to no end that I haven’t gotten out to the theater more this year.  I have seen a few good films, though nothing worth writing a full review about.  I was thinking of putting up a post filled with mini reviews and suggestions for you all though; hrmmm… maybe I’ll do that! 🙂 Either way, the winter has some awesome films coming to town so hopefully I’ll be able to catch some of them when they blow through and get some good thorough reviews down for you all.  I’ve missed writing them! 😦

Lastly.  For the love god. Vote, vote, vote…

That’ll do for tonight!  I’ll definitely be writing much more frequently now that a few personal thought consuming events have come and gone, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I am definitely still alive and kicking.  Thanks to all who’ve continued to stop by (if you all even bother anymore).

Sorry I have been so dormant.

All the best,


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