Twenty Eighth Pebble…


Where’d I get it?:

Aside from being cheeky and fun, this pebble got me thinking about the whole story behind a balloon… um… scultper? Is that what they’re called?  Well, that’s what I’ll call them for now.  It’s fun thinking about this balloon sculpter going rogue on his compatriates, saying things like “Fuck giraffes!!!! And dogs too!! And don’t get me started on those damn hats!!!” or “there’s so much more that can be done with you isn’t there…” while stairing at some limp brightly colored balloon in his hands, a wistful twinkle in his eye.

So while the photo wasn’t anything terribly amazing, it got some fun thoughts going on in my head.  Which is kinda the whole point of this project; to take something else away with you after visiting here.

Hopefully you did!

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