I Am A Zero Emissions Vehicle!!

Well, at least some of the time anyways.

After years of light use, I finally dusted off my bike and started biking again!  I’d love to say that it was because of an intense need and want for me to be in better shape, but it wasn’t.  I visited the doctor for my annual physical and when we were finished I brought up my recent bouts with anxiety. We talked about it for a bit and he suggested that I get more exercise and just huff and puff my problems away.  Or at least try to.  I’ve had a few gym memberships in my lifetime and they all end the same way.  I go for few months and then I get bored and stop going.

So why biking?  It’s faster than jogging and it engages my brain more while I’m weaving in and out of traffic.  Well, that and my good friend John mentioning that there was an opening on his soccer team!  I’ve been meaning to play again for the longest time.  So couple the doctor visit with the opportunity to play soccer again and you get me peddling like crazy on the back roads of Apex.  The first day was pretty crazy, I was seriously winded and wiped when I got home.  But the rides on the days that followed honestly felt great!  I’ve always had lousy endurance when playing sports, so feeling that good after riding up and down hills for a few miles was great!

And the even better news?  The anxiety stuff has lessened significantly.  I’ve been sleeping like a baby more often than not and that alone has been worth the time and effort!  It sure would be nice to close the summer out with a few of these foibles of mine vanquished from my head completely.  It’s been a really odd summer and I’d really love it if when autumn hits, I can enjoy it completely!

I think I’m on the right track!

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