Eleventh Pebble…

Where did I find it?  http://laptop.org

This one’s about awareness folks!  I know it made the news quite a bit a few years ago, but the “One Laptop Per Child” initiative has really taken off in the last few years and what they’ve done is a amazing!

They’ve been able create laptops for children in the 3rd world countries to not only spread solid technology to folks in under-developed nations but to also spread a means to educate were there previously was none.  The cost of these laptops, through ingenuity and generosity, have been whittled down to $150.00 a piece.  They’ve made it all do-able, hardware, software, and cost-wise. Just an amazing initiative and a great example of today’s technology working for the greater good (instead of our utter annihilation 😉 ) !

Here are some links to their visions and info on the project as a whole:

VISION: http://laptop.org/en/vision/mission/index.shtml

A GREAT TIMELINE ON PROGRESS MADE: http://laptop.org/en/vision/progress/index.shtml

HIGHLIGHTS ABOUT THE LAPTOP: http://laptop.org/en/laptop/hardware/highlights.shtml

AND FOR THE TECH GEEKS HERE ARE THE SPECS ON THE LAPTOPS: http://laptop.org/en/laptop/hardware/specs.shtml

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