The Long Wait that Wasn’t?

So it turns out that the good folks at AT&T are lying bastards of the finest pedigree.  I’ve never been so happy to be mislead in my entire life!! LOL

Photo 3

No sooner than I was told my iPhone wouldn’t be in my hands for another “one to two weeks”, I got an email this morning stating it had been shipped out, overnight priority… yesterday!!!  It was delivered this morning and I am one happy camper!  It’s definitely worthy of the hype and while I still have yet to even scratch the surface of it’s potential, what I have found out is pretty damn cool!

A truly great day!  I’ll be sending out an email with my new number pretty soon!  You can still use the old number, but that won’t last forever.

Just thought I’d share my excitement!

Hope everyone’s weekend has been going well!

Take care,



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