And So the Long Wait Begins…

Through some finagling on my part and some neurotic, “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….” to Mel, I visited my local AT&T store this evening and pre-purchased an iPhone 3G.  WEEEHOOO!!!

I wanted the first model… a lot.  But I couldn’t justify the cost for the super slow internet speeds.  So when the 3G model came out (MUCH faster internet download speeds.) as well as some features I’d been waiting for (minus video capture and chat 😦 ) I couldn’t resist.

It’s been an odd road these last few days and I was told the delivery could take a week or two (at the most), but it’s been bought and promised!  All I have to do is wait for the call!

It’s funny, I went to the Apple store today in Durham at around 11 am (they open at 10 am) and there was already a line of 150 people starting at the doors in the front and it continued around the block.  Honestly, I couldn’t believe it.  I went in and asked a supremely awesome Apple employee how long it would take for the line to dwindle and he replied that if I was at the end of the line (which I would be) it would take about 4 hours to get into the store.

I was on my lunch break.  I get an hour for lunch.

So I then talked “strategy” with him and he said he had actually purchased it already from an AT&T store and that he was waiting for his to come in, but that at least it was a sure thing.

I couldn’t agree more honestly!

So, live and learn I guess.  If you can’t find one at your trusty local Apple store.  Head on out to the closest AT&T store and pre-order one.  It’ll take the guess work out and you wont waste a morning in line waiting for one, only to be told they sold out at last minute.

If you have that time to burn, god bless ya!  I just don’t.

Hurray for me!!! 😀

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