A Cool Memory Preserved…

So I was sitting at work with my good friend Peter (check out his paintings, he’s amazing!) and we were talking about the election and what not when I suddenly remembered back in 2000, another election year, I had been working at a wonderful “mom and pop” ISP (Internet Service Provider) who’s employees were a key demographic of interest for the election (20 somethings in the tech sector).  That attracted NPR’s “All Things Considered…”  a show that I listen to pretty much every day now on my way to and from work.  The primary at the time was just about to occur in NH so the show came to our offices and asked us a bunch of questions about the candidates and the primary in general.

What got recorded was not only during an interesting time in my life (I did a lot of “growing” during those years), but it also captured a pretty interesting ideal amongst my generation.

Well, Pete became obsessed with the fact that I was on the radio back then and instantly dove into NPR’s archives and actually came up with original recording from eight years ago!  It was wonderful to hear some old friends voices again and though you can find the same audio from their site, I actually captured the audio via some black magic programs I’ve collected in my travels.

You’ll hear me at the beginning of the interview and a bit near the end.   I think I sound like a lunatic, certifiable, but it’s always fun to see (or in this case hear) a version of yourself from a time long gone.  It makes me cringe and smile all that same time.

Here it is below.  Have a listen!


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