It’s Funny How Often Things Don’t Turn Out How They Are Planned….

As stated in a post before, I had my second Biodiesel class out at the Piedmont Biofuels Coop this last weekend.  Well, at least for one day I did anyways.  The first part of the class was on Saturday and it was just awesome!  We were being guided through make three different iterations of GirlMark’s Appleseed Processor and the class was thoroughly hands on!  Where the last class had us head down, furiously writing notes and a little lab work to make mini batches of biodiesel, this weekend had us knee deep in plumbing, water heaters, plumbers tape and some truly righteous pipe wrenches!  It was much cooler with a mister fan rigged up, and an even greater, if more eclectic, group of students who all just seemed to want to do the same thing; find an easy way to make our own sustainable and clean fuel!  So there was a great vibe shared amongst us all, we got a lot done that day and  I definitely left class smiling, thoroughly looking forward to Sunday morning!

Well, I got home and from the start of that day I wasn’t exactly feeling great (stomach issues), but by the evening I really wasn’t feeling hot.  But I still had a small “to do” list, so first I grabbed Cadence to give her the quick walk around the block that I had promised her that morning.  I’d just zoom her around quickly and then get back home and just relax for the rest of the evening.  Pretty simple.

Everything was going well until we came up upon a house that has an invisible fence that holds two dogs who run up to the sidewalk every time I walk by stopping short to bark, growl, and generally huff and puff at anyone who has a dog.

Pretty standard, non-aggressive, doggy behavior really.

I expected the same this time as well, only out of no where one of the dogs plowed through the hedges and started attacking Cadence.  It was evident right away that this wasn’t “easy” play either, but was pretty much a full on assault, so I yelled loud and put myself in between the two thinking:

god I hope I don’t get bit… god I hope I don’t get bit… god I hope I don’t get bit… (I’ve been bit by dogs before and it always sucks. The bites take forever to heal.)

…and then I got bit….

This of course enraged me.  I yelled (maybe roared?) again and this time apparently the dog heard me as it stood down and backed off.  I scooted Cadence away and checked her for wounds. She was fine and I thought I was too, but then, as I walked away, I started bleeding through my pant leg.  I checked the wound (which was on the center of my calve) and found my leg was already inflating and seeping a decent amount of “yuck”.   I got home as fast as I could, Mel of course was intensely concerned, we cleaned myself up and made an attempt to get in touch with the owners who ended up not being home.

I’m gonna be honest, I think I’ve told this entire story at least 40 times this week to 40 different people.  So without further ado, I’m going to lapse into hyper abbreviation mode and finish this with bullet points

  • 1. The first night was scary, I was bleeding through bandages like no one business and my lower leg was swollen pretty badly.  Obviously I got no sleep.
  • 2. The neighbor/owner of the dog got in touch with us first thing the following morning.  I can definitely say this: what an awesome/wonderful man and his family seems great to boot!  They produced vaccination records swiftly, offered to pay any medical expenses we might’ve incurred, and were very upset that the entire episode even occurred.  Very accommodating and terribly kind.  It was a bummer we met them under these conditions.
  • 3. By Sunday morning, much of the swelling died down (isn’t the human body grand?) so I hunkered down and iced my leg all day taking the occasional anti-inflammatory.  This of course meant no Biodiesel class “day 2” which severely brought me down.  It also meant that I couldn’t spend Father’s day with my Pops which only compounded the feeling.  But, after the last evening, it was plainly obvious that I needed to tend to my wound and make sure I didn’t get an infection.
  • 4. I took Monday off from work to nurse it some more and by the end of the day I was feeling much better and the wound was actually scabbing over.  Gross, but good news!
  • 5. I got back to work on Tuesday and felt great for most of the day.  Then mid afternoon brought on something I’d never really been through before:  a panic attack, Tony Soprano style.  I thought I was going to pass out right there in my cubicle, thank god I didn’t!  Mel took me right to urgent care, as I thought it all had something to do with the bite. The Doc was kind and incredibly candid.  He informed me that it was all “upstairs” and that I was just really REALLY stressed out.
  • 6. And I was, I just didn’t realize how much so.  So the good news is that he gave me and my wound a great bill of health but the bad news is that the hospital, because of policy, made us call animal control.  This is an obvious move that needed to happen, but I kind of wanted that to be put into action by the owners of the dog and I told them so.  So that was a little bit of a bummer that that bit occurred because of me.  Not much I could do about it though.

So that’s about it!  Super stressful, but I’m glad it was me and not some little kid, or a family with a stroller.  I’m so grateful that Cadence is fine, and I’m healing really well.  I had some deep abrasions and one puncture wound, but the effected area was small all told and I shouldn’t have too much scarring.  I can walk fine and aside from Sunday, my life hasn’t been interrupted all that terribly as far the physical parts of my life are concerned.   But, like the good Doc said, I have been really stressed and now with Friday here, I finally feel like I’m winding down.

Which is good, ‘cause I gotta be honest, I could REALLY use the down time…

If you wanted to see the wound, click here to view the grossness… (c’mon, you know you wanna do it!)

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