Biodiesel Weekend Class Write-Up Tomorrow (UPDATE)…

<update> This’ll have to wait one more day.  Had a few little things come up tonight that needed tending to and they couldn’t really wait. Tomorrow definitely as I have nothing blocked out at all!  I’m really sorry to push it off again:cry:.  I know all of you are waiting with baited breath! :grin:</update>

Sorry folks… I’m just exhausted.  Not sure if you saw the weather reports down here (not sure why you would really :lol:), but it was a scorcher!  Clocking in with highs a tad above 100 degrees on Sat and Sun, we truely roughed it out.  At one point a guy I was in the class with checked the temperature of the immediate area we were in and it was 99 degrees… in full shade.:shock:

So, needless to say I’m totally wiped!  We spent the entire time, both days, outside and it was just brutal.  I had plenty of water with me, but I basically just sat or stood around listening and learning, all the while cooking in my own juices!

But on the flip side, that said, it was totally worth it!  I learned a lot and I’m going to learn even more next week when we build biodiesel reactors!  AND it will be roughly 15 degrees cooler LOL.  Freak weather I tell ya!

So, more on this tomorrow, when I’m not so fried.  Thanks for your interest and sorry to postpone.  I promise to have thoughts, descriptions and pics!



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