… On Taking It to the Next Level.

I find myself talking… a lot.  And while most of it’s on things I have a fairly good knowledge of, it’s rare that I ever hit upon topics I’ve actually experienced.  This weekend I’m hoping to change that.

Here, I’ll explain as well as give an example of what I’m getting at.

I’ve been a huge biodiesel enthusiast for the last 5 to 6 years and I’m incredibly lucky to live in a state that has a huge network for such an interest.  I have access to the fuel, I have the car to run it, and it’s all with in a convenient location so that I don’t have travel far to get to it.  I even know the science on how to make it, but here’s where I fall short.  For one of the most important aspects of the grassroots biodiesel movement (and I’m not talking about the joke that’s been belched out of DC, that’s a whole other post/rant) is that it can, and should, be brewed at home.

Why rely on other countries for fuel, when all you have to do is rely on yourself (and your neighbors a little)?

On paper the recipe to make biodiesel doesn’t seem all that hard, but it does appear to be time consuming and, because of the chemicals involved, it does have the capacity to be pretty dangerous.  It’s because of those last two reasons that I haven’t jumped in to home-brewing head first, but I’ve always wanted to.  So when I saw that Maria Alovert was coming to town to teach the masses on how to make their own fuel, I swallowed my knack for being an introvert and decided to put some weight behind the enthusiasm of my words.

That’s right, instead of talking about how to make biodiesel and the theory behind it, I’m actually going to learn how to make it!  One of two classes starts tomorrow at 10am sharp!  I’m totally stoked and I can’t wait to become part of this “quiet revolution”.  I’ll write more after the weekend is done but I couldn’t wait to share.

Check back in on Sunday, I’ll have a quick sum-up of the classes and what I thought!

If you feel so inclined, share below what little (or huge) revolutions you’re participating in! :mrgreen:

Listening to: Modest Mouse – The View

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