About the Bean and Bagel…

I’m currently sitting in our locally owned and run bagel/coffee shop enjoying the comfort, the wonderful bakery aromas, the intensely wonderful smell of Larry’s Beans coffees in the air (one of which, I am gleeful to report, I am drinking at the moment 🙂 ) and soaking in the atmosphere.

One of the resolutions that Mel and I made this last year was that we would support our local businesses by making all possible purchases we could think of via the many locally owned options available to us down here.

Thankfully there are a lot.

I say “Thankfully” because there is also a ton of “WalmartTargetSuperMallGroceryPharmacies” growing like mold all over the triangle area. They’re easier to get to, and they are more often than not cheaper than anything local. But there is a feeling we get when we support our neighbors’ dreams and their efforts to not conform. When we do, we make a difference (albeit a small one) and we’re taking a stand by putting our hard earned money back into our community and not into the pockets of faceless corporations that couldn’t give a flying flip about you or your well being. Helping your neighbors, always ends up helping you down the road.

So that feeling I referenced a few sentences back? Well, it’s a good one.

We can’t do it all the time, but when we get the chance, we always try. It feels like the right thing to do and we know we’ll be taking a stab at living our own dreams one day. We can only hope that by then, “going local” has been lifted from a whim in society, to a full on, out and out revolution!

Seeing how packed this place is this morning, I’d say we’re all on the right track! 😀

Bean and Bagel Cafe is located in Apex close to downtown. All of the bagels are made on site, the coffee they serve is roasted and distributed locally, and they are working on a delicious menu with lots of organic options. They’ve done a wonderful job with the place and we’ve been thankful to have such cozy tasty local option to kick back on the weekends at. Oh and they have free WIFI!

So if your in town, they’re definitely worth the trip. Here’s their site with a ton more info than I could provide. http://www.beanandbagelcafe.com

Take care,


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