The 9th Annual Nevermore Film Festival 2008 Wrap-Up…


2008’s beloved festival was a little mixed this year. “Mixed” is a relative term but honestly; I viewed ’08’s Nevermore Film Festival to be potentially golden. There was a veritable shit-load of wonderful horror from all over the world that came out this year that they could’ve tapped into (Romero’s “Diary of the Dead” which ironically was playing there, just not at the festival, Bustillo and Maury’s “Inside”, or Dowdle’s “(REC.)” to name a few) and either because of budget constraints or negged studio offerings, they didn’t grab any of these. So what ended up on the schedule was a bunch of movies I knew nothing about. Which generally can be refreshing, but, between issues with my furry children, and the lack of time in general, I didn’t get the chance to do the typical research on what was being offered and what I did have time to look at, didn’t exactly grab me.

So, in short, I was little bummed about Nevermore this year. Which breaks my heart, because I completely look forward to it every year.

highlander2d tenebre shrooms

But the ball wasn’t dropped completely!

They did have some gems lighting up the screen.  Like the only 35mm copy of “Highlander” for public distribution and an exclusive copy of Argento’s “Tenebre” uncut, some really great horror “shorts” (one of which I chatted up the director with, super nice guy), but other than a showing of Paddy Breathnach’s “Shrooms” (a movie I was actually excited to see) there wasn’t much that caught my attention.

The fan turn out was down, the folks serving snacks and beer weren’t really into the scene and between the small vendor selection (not ANYONE’S fault… except for maybe the economy) and the lack of an actual “Nevermore” poster (which I shamelessly collect and stick up in my cubicle purgatory each year), it was all kinda depressing.

I guess when you get right down to it, I saw the potential film pool to pull from this year and then saw the lack of all of that as a major missed opportunity. In the past, Nevermore has always been a portal of what was to coming to the US and this year it just wasn’t that.

Don’t get me wrong it’s still head and shoulders over anything that is held around here for the genre, the good folks at the Carolina Theatre deserve much much praise and this year did offer us some awesome trips down memory lane which wont soon be forgotten.  But compared to years past, you can only say: “Well, there’s always next year…”.

And, there is always that.

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