About the Movie Review I Had Planned…

ThereWillBeBloodHow funny is it that the movie I enjoyed the most this year is pretty much unwritable for me?

I saw PT Anderson’s “There Will Be Blood” two week’s ago and I’ve tried to write a review for it three times, only to delete what I’ve written 30 minutes in. It’s not that the movie is that bad, no quite the opposite, it’s that it, at this juncture anyways, defies words from me. At least adequate ones. It’d be easy to spout off about how it’s Anderson’s greatest achievement to date, about how Daniel Day Lewis will make you believe in the dark center of every human heart, how the cinematography is literally jaw-dropping, and how it feels like every second of the film was handled with a tenderness and care that I haven’t seen in an incredibly long time.

It’d be easy to say all of those things.

But it still wouldn’t encapsulate my entire feelings for the film and how much I firmly believe that every lover, liker, or indifferent viewer of film should go out and see it today.

I could and should write more. Give the film it’s due and put in the time. But time is a precious commodity these days, so this review will have to pass.

So please see it. It’s easily one of the best I’ve seen this year, or ever.

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