What a couple of weeks!

I was out paying close attention
Or was I lost inside my thoughts
These days it’s hard to tell what’s outside from what’s in my mind
And oh god, it’s beautiful
The way our chemicals collide

-Cloud Cult from their song “Chemicals Collide”

Let’s see, coming up, a review of “There Will Be Blood” by the always amazing Paul Thomas Anderson!  Saw it this last weekend and I’ll have a full write up on it by the end of this week or sooner.  Suffice it to say, the review will be positive….

What else?  Oh yeah… ‘been writing like a fiend lately!

The screenplay I was psyched about possibly completing by year’s end, got sidetracked when the good friend I am collaborating with decided that he would go and get engaged to his awesome girlfriend!

Sheesh, priorities dammit! 😉

In all seriousness you two (and you know who you are…) it’s about freaking time and I’m so happy for you!

Regardless, I’ve been writing quite a bit and so has he (when he has time to breath) and it is coming together nicely!

It’s funny, as I’ve become older, the urge to write has become more of a necessity.  In the past it’s kinda been a necessary evil, something I do to level out. But lately, I find it becoming a literal joy.  The accomplishment, the need – it’s all genuine, which is what it should’ve been all along, but I didn’t see it that way.  I always viewed writing as something I should’ve been doing, not necessarily something I’d always want to do.

Now it’s different.  My writing sessions have been more frequent and the results wax between something I think is pretty good, to something I’m actually proud of.

Which is more than it’s ever been!

So, I have been busy.  Too busy to blog as frequently as I’d like, but it’s a good busy!  A “busy” that pertains to me, which, in and of itself, sounds a little selfish, but, hopefully, it ends up being something that you all will enjoy someday.

We all have the right to dream. Yes? 😀


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