2008? Welcome! Come on in, sit down, make yourself comfortable…


Funny how New Years is about on par with Thanksgiving for me. T-Day is definitely less commercial and more about family (even though the true history behind the holiday is anything but) but New Years is about as boisterous and commercial as JC’s birthday. So why all the love?

Well, I guess it’s really the allure of new beginnings.

I definitely don’t subscribe to that “clean slate” mentality that many like to get behind at this time of year, but I do like the idea of another chapter closing in my life. That turning of the last page of a chapter that you feel that you got beyond.

The next chapter?

It could be more of the same (and most likely will be) or, maybe, just maybe, it could be completely different than the last.

For better or worse.

It’s that unpredictability, that big “unknown”, that I can’t help but get excited about. All of these possibilities… they leave me in a state I’m not often in; a state of optimism. It’s that sappy hope that we all embrace after every year that passes. That hope that everything really IS okay and that if it’s not, it can only get better.

Naive? Maybe. But how awesome is it to feel that way?

Even if it is only one time a year, those hopes, our wonderful hopes, are ours and ours alone.

Happy New Year everybody.

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