It’s Not All Doom and Gloom…

I was looking back at the last few entries I’ve made (something I don’t do all that often for some reason), and I was struck, though not all that surprised, by the gloomy nature of them.  So I feel obligated to note that, predominantly, I’m a really happy person.  I guess I’ve just been on a tear lately for one reason or another.  Most folks who like to write tend to write about things that effect them greatly and, being the empathetic soul I am, I guess when I get pissed, sad, or depressed I feel the need to access that kind of therapy.

But the facts are, is that my life is really blessed.

I have an incredible wife, my family loves me very much, I’ve been lucky to meet some truly amazing people in my life time that I’ve been very fortunate to call friends.  I’ve got my health, I’ve got a good job that pays well, and even though we’re not there yet, Mel and I are close to living out our dreams (It just took us a bit to find out what they were 😉 ).  Not to mention I’ve seen the future in my little niece and if there’s more of her out there; we’re in really good hands folks!

So seriously, I’ve got it really good, in both the conventional and literal sense.

The next step, I feel, is to use my time wisely, living for me and Mel, but also for the rest of world around me. It seems impossible at first, but there are always ways to affect our world for the better. I tell you, it’s amazing what just one genuine act of kindness can do.  After a while you sense the ripple effect and, eventually, it comes back to you.

So while my black-hole of a brain tends to take over this blog, my heart will always ground me, filter out the B.S. and get me focused on what’s truly important.  I guess I should let it have more of a voice once and a while.

On that note, I hope you do what makes you smile folks!  And try your best to do the same for others.

It’s always worth it.

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