It’s tough.
Tough like nails

Into our thoughts…
our hearts… at every turn.
Both literal and metaphor
Words flood our ears and eyes.
Death, disease, famine, murder…

But from what?

Glowing boxes that tell you how to live.
Complete strangers with perfect hair.
Messages from the air
Riding invisible rails with direct flights,
right into our homes.

Exploiting comfort and calm.
Wasting quiet minutes
burning time and breath
with video of flames.

It’s so easy isn’t it?

Its given right to you.
Fed with a silver spoon.
Anesthetizing your shitty day,
with somebody else’s that is worse.

You could unplug.
Really you could.
But the remote is “over there”.
And your pretty comfy…
About to fall asleep.

At one point our elders told us
something.  What was it?

Oh yeah…

“When I was your age…
… we didn’t HAVE TV.”

Didn’t have mass media.

Didn’t have it so easy.

“When I was your age.
All we had was each other.”

And for that… that memory….

I am thankful.


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