Old Reviews From The Vault

In 2006 I had a brief stint where I wrote quite a few reviews that got published on IGN.com, a site dedicated to videogame addicts and cinephiles alike.

I wrote for free and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Whatever happens down the road I really consider my time there “on staff” as my first writing gig. It tought me a ton about my writing practices and it got me writing on deadline for the first time. I eventually was even given the green light to create my own weekly column, “The Chopping Block”, which was dedicated to B-Grade movies and all of their awful glory. I got a good bit of feed back on my reviews which, from what I was told, were really well received.

So what happened?

Reluctantly, I stopped writing for them when the site changed formats and turned into a bloggy kinda free for all, where anyone could write for the site and publish stuff, kinda stripping the site of it’s appeal for me. I was bummed to stop, but it definitely felt like it was time to pull the plug.

So I did.

If my memory serves me correctly I wrote a little over 20 reviews for the site, to which only 4 remained when they transitioned to the new site format. 😦 To this day I don’t know why they deleted the other sixteen plus reviews (mine weren’t the only one’s deleted), but I do still have these four which I’m psyched to be able re-post here on Ruminations…

So, without further ado, here are a few tasty tidbits from a pretty memorable time in my life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


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