Not feeling so hot tonight…


It’s a fact that you will make decisions in life that, no matter how good intentioned they are or seem to be at the time, will blow up in your face.

A couple of weeks ago a friend at work mentioned that he had a buddy that tried some lemon detox fast which involved drinking this lemon/maple syrup/cayenne pepper cocktail for 5 days straight, forsaking all solid food. Yeah, I know, “What are you fricking crazy!?!?!?”

Apparently so.

In all seriousness I’d been thinking of detoxing for a while. I’ve treated my body like a dumping ground for decades now and it’s finally showing signs of wear and tear. So, the way that I figured it is that I would get a jump start on cleaning my insides up by doing this fast and then I’d follow up with as much of an honest diet as possible, avoiding the junk as it came my way.

Well, I started it today and was on it for about 12 hours before I needed something other than this super sweet beverage that I had the next 5 days to look forward to. I was actually fine for most of the day when around 1pm a tidal wave of nausea hit me hard and my insides cramped up. It was the taste and the consistency that was making me ill, and I just couldn’t let myself barf at work. Aside from the acute embarrassment that would follow, I promised Mel that I wouldn’t hurt myself through this science experiment.

Pushing myself to vomit in a public place was definitely a big red check in that box.

For the record, Melinda was definitely against me doing this. She was concerned for my well being and I should’ve been doing the same. I figured it would be a mental challenge at best and that even though I was out of shape, I was still healthier than most guys I knew. I thought my body could hack it. But, even though I researched it pretty good, it was definitely the physical aspects of the detox that did me in.

In a word… or two… ok, make it three: not worth it! I’m gonna make the same changes by tweaking my current diet, which’ll make the process much slower, but much healthier at the same time. When Mel cooks and I “help”, we cook super healthy meals so, we’ll just push to do more of that, more often.

So, there you have it! A well intentioned decision that ended up being one horrible idea. Now my stomach is pretty jacked up and Mathias and I are having sympathetic intestinal patterns. It feels like it’s running it’s course though.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

Here’s to an uneventful night sleep!


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One thought on “Not feeling so hot tonight…

  1. Maybe not the best idea for a detox, but a big jug o’ water with some lemon juice, honey, cayenne is supposed to be VERY good for hangovers, and after I told my old housemate in Kinshasa this news, he would drink it before going to bed and NEVER woke up with a hangover.

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