Just sitting outside in the Tobacco District…


The Tobacco District is an interesting little oasis in the concrete jungle of Durham. Part of Durham’s restoration project, it sits right across from ball park. What used to be old brick buildings that manufactured cigarettes, have all been gutted and changed into fancy restaurants, uber posh offices, and a place to sit in the sun that is just, well, it’s wonderful really. Durham isn’t the nicest place to hang out and admire the scenery, but they are definitely making an honest effort in many sections of it, and this definitely one place where it’s all paid off. Just a great place chill out and do some writing, reading, or just people watch.

Highly recommended.

I’m currently waiting for my sister Tess so we can get a beer (or 3) at Tyler’s Pub before we catch a Bulls game with the rents tonight. It’s still hot as hell out, my shirt’s soaked through, my pants are sticking to my legs, and my forehead won’t stop dripping.


Still, I can tell that summer is finally starting to eye the exit and one thing is for sure: I simply can’t wait for fall.

Now that we’ve a logged a night under the stars, I yearn for more. I think and hope that we can get some more hiking and camping under our belts this year. The nights have been cooler, the breezes have been more forgiving and the leaves are changing color (albeit because of the drought). It just feels like it’s changing over.

Now, if we could only get some damn rain! This area is just hurting horribly; everything is so dry. It saddens me to see Mother Nature so confused this year. Everything is so out of whack, the middle of the country is drowning and everywhere else is dieing of thirst.

Like I said, autumn and winter can’t get here quick enough!

But, for now, I’ll enjoy these last few ball games and embrace the days while they’re still long.

Because before you know it, they’ll be gone.

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