Life is good…


I miss my dogs and cat, and my veggie garden, but that’s about it honestly. I’ve been refilled by the magic that is The 3 Day, and New England always pulls me back to memories of carefree times where there was much less stress. This vacation has been a whirlwind for sure but it’s always nice to get away and see friends and family!

One of the things that I hold so dear to me these days, is my little niece Anna Belle. I got to spend a brief time with her this week and it’s always amazing how joyous she makes me feel. I spend so much of my time lately worrying about the future and where the human race is heading and taking this rock we call home. It’s never bright and it seems there are no more depths of depravity we aren’t willing to revel in.

And then there’s little AB…

Smiling about everything, literally screaming with joy, living life to it’s fullest, constantly discovering things, always learning, and touching everything gently. She’s always a light in this ever growing sea of awfulness; literally an embodiment of everything we once were and still could be if we just stopped to give damn. Bless you Tim and Martha for having the courage and love to create such a wonderful little human being. She’s so beautiful inside and out.

She constantly stays in my heart and she’s one of the few things that I hide in my little mental bag of tricks that keeps me going day to day.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing her with the world. god knows I’d be hard pressed to.

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