Much on the Horizon…

Man has it been oddly busy lately.  I say “oddly” because, we’ve been super busy, but there hasn’t been a huge amount to show for it on our sites.  Well, that should change in the next week… I hope 😉 .

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • A review of the Russian SciFi horror flick: Day Watch
  • A somewhat late review of: Knocked Up.
  • An uber late review of a movie that was just too damn good to not to review: Children of Men.

So there you have it!  A triple shot of movie reviews.  Not sure if I have it in me but, we’ll see.

What else?  I got to take pictures of my beautiful wife today of a super top secret event that you’ll all be seeing in August!

That’s it!! No hints fo’ you!!!

The veggie garden made a Digiorno pizza that much better tonight! Our tomatoes are finally starting to turn red and our rain karma has been excellent, leaving out rain barrel wet for the last few weeks. Weehoo!  Can’t tell you how giddy that makes me!

I’ve discovered a couple meditation podcasts that are making my brain a little less prone to spontaneous combustion.  If you’re interested, let me know and I can email you the name of them.

Pics and hopefully more coming on the horizon…

Much love,


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