Water, Water, No Where and Not a Drop To Drink…

So I think we’re on week three now for this intense, hot and dry weather that’s been plaguing the Piedmont this month. Sweaty dog and training walks, crispy lawns, one kicked rain barrel 😦 , and a whole slew of dumb asses who run their sprinklers aimed right… on… the road >: ( ! I swear, once or twice is forgivable, maybe it’s a faulty sprinkler after all, but when I see you watering the street in front of your home almost every frigging morning, thats when I question several things about you. Your place on the food chain, how lazy you are, and how you load your American Idol soaked brain into a multi ton bullet and get on 40 every morning. Gracing ALL of us with your presence.

Soooo… maybe that’s a little harsh, but I swear, the hotter it gets down here, the dumber the populace of the triangle gets.

Me? I don’t even water my lawn anymore. I tried 3 summers in a row to resuscitate my weed ridden lawn to no avail. TheAwwwww yeah!  Upside down 'maters!!! weeds always staged a successful come back, beating out my newly planted grass and kicking the ever lovin’ crap out of my wallet. So now I’m only watering the veggie garden (which is doing fabulous by the way) with the hose and any harvested rain water that we collect in the rain barrel which, woefully ran dry this weekend. In these conditions, lawns literally burn to a crisp. Add to that fact that extended forecasts show no rain on the horizon and your town inevitably moving to enforced water restrictions due to the drought and… well, lets say you just can’t win.

But, then, once and a while, fortune looks upon your parched and weary surroundings and forms a red blob the size of a pinhead over your little community.

DSC05871.JPG This evening with no rain forecasted, a cloud opened up and started pouring down on us. Literally, all around our surrounding area you could see sunshine. But over our house it poured for a good fifteen to twenty minutes straight!! I absolutely adore these moments when mother nature throws you a curve ball! I immediately ran outside to bring the bikes in off the back porch and smiled big time to hear the water gurgling into the rain barrel. It’s music to my ears honestly. 🙂

Now, if only we could get a little more… and maybe people could learn how to make their sprinklers work. Oh yeah, and while I’m at it, maybe we could get our troops home soon to their families and loved ones.

I know, I know, lets not try to squeeze blood from a stone…


One thought on “Water, Water, No Where and Not a Drop To Drink…

  1. o.O


    Having a bad day, Tad? 🙂

    Blake Lewis singing the Cure on American Idol is my ringtone :p.

    Say what you like about my coffee, leave my Blake alone!

    (j/k…can’t wait to see you guys)

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