An interesting evening…

No Lights No Problem.JPG

Tonight we got home from work at the usual time and about an hour into us resting and enjoying our evening the electricity conked out. Now, typically we are home to witness such events, but at the time we were walking the kids and I had even extended Mathias’ walk to get him to complete some “unfinished business”. Mel went back to the house with Cadence and I continued on. As I walked I noticed something… an intense quiet. All I could hear were birds singing and kids playing in the final light of the sunset. The whole scene had this eerie “last man on earth” feeling to it. Like civilization has come to a grinding halt. And it’s then that you are reminded how much noise our industrialized civilization makes hour after hour, day after day. That the hum of our convenience is more like a cacophony, that our place in this world has become a decidedly noisey one. I am ashamed to say that it actually hadn’t occurred to me that we had lost power until the neighbors started calling to each other across the street.

“Hey Connie? You lose power?”

“Yep, about 15 minutes ago…”

I smiled wondering how long it would take for Mel to know it was out because there was still a fair amount of daylight left and I knew we wouldn’t be turning any lights on anytime soon. I made the final lap with the little man and we ran up the front stairs into the house. Mel was out back working in our veggie garden. She told me she knew something was up when the music was off and then she checked the house and all the appliances were off. The house was still cool and the laptops had plenty of juice in them (hence the power free post 🙂 ) so I fired up the grill, cooked up some dinner and settled into what I hoped would be a candle lit evening. I was shocked at how cool the house was and how the dogs had settled right into sleeping. The sun slowly went down and when the glare from the laptop started hurting my already office strained eyes, I lit some candles!

In a word: wonderful…

It’s interesting what happens to some people when electricity is extricated from their lives. Some folks in the neighborhood actually fired up generators, a lot went out for dinner. Us? We haven’t had cable TV in our home for well over a decade, and flame broiled Boca burgers were only a grill start away. Dinner, the dull glow of our laptops, the undulating candle light, Mel’s needles sliding together, and the clacking of my fingers on the keys writing….

It’s a life we’ve been heading towards for years, and I gotta admit; it was nice getting a brief preview of it tonight.

Now if only the power would come back so that I could post this ;).

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