Swimming in a sea of knitters and being man enough to admit I enjoyed myself…

Jason Vorhees aint got nothing on me!!!…immensely in fact!

So Mel and I jetted up to Maryland for the second weekend in a row and partook in our second annual Sheep and Wool Festival!

I know, I know, I’m a guy, so what the hell am I hanging out with a bunch of ladies that like to slide needles and yarn together? Well, I’ve got news for ya Jack! Knitting isn’t just for ladies and the S and W fest isn’t just about knitting. There are livestock farmers, spinners, skilled woodworkers, musicians, soap makers, software engineers (for real!), shearers, silk worm enthusiasts, cutlery salesmen (knives!! ROAR!!!!); all honest folks trying to make an honest living on our wonderful planet. A lot of this lifestyle and everything associated with it, is something Mel and I are hoping to achieve one day. So on top of just watching hundreds of people simply feeling happy, I look at it as learning about my future via osmosis!!

I will also let you in on a little secret most folks don’t seem to pick up on when around the knitting populace of the world, and that is: knitters knit for a reason!

They embrace the fiber because it calms them. For some it’s therapy, for others its the peace that is only achieved by completing something with your own hands. The fact that what is created at the end is often a functional piece of clothing is just an added bonus! When you run into folks who enter this realm of relaxation, it tends to be infectious! You too become calm, and chill, problems seem lesser so, and life in general is just wee bit better! 🙂

Mind you, this is all coming from a non-knitter.

Mel’s been knitting for years now and when I am writing (like I am now) and she is 20 feet away, needles shick-shicka-shicking (like she is now), everything just feels… well, it just feels right. Like we are both in our element, clicking together, even though we are doing completely different activities. It’s hard to explain. I’ve always felt blessed when I’ve happened upon these situations in the past, but now that we can summon these moments at will, it’s just been wonderful!

So, when you see a knitter in your travels, don’t shun them! Try to get right up next to them. Sit still for a little while, listen to the rhythm of the needles and I almost guarantee you’ll notice a little peace and calm seep into you.

And only good can come from that! There aren’t enough knitters in the world in my humble opinion. So you can only guess how blessed I feel to be married to one!


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