Killing off a cold, Reluctance and the Nevermore Film Fest…

So, I’ve had this damn cold for the last five days and it lowered it’s nasty phlegm-filled existence into my chest so I figure the worst is over, it’s Friday, and I deserve a glass of wine… or two… ok, maybe three. But I hate hangovers about as much as I hate being sick so we’ll see ;)!

I haven’t posted a ton because I’ve been creating a word press site for a side project I’ve been contributing to with two of my good friends that I work with, John and Peter. Over the years of hanging out and getting to know each other we’ve really kind of embraced our mutual love of the horror film genre, and though I’m probably the biggest buff of the 3, they certainly appreciate the medium just as much as I do. So one day while talking about zombie movies and the mythos that surrounds it, Peter came up with a pretty kick ass idea for a movie. We all smiled and pondered it a little and as time passed and more ideas came to the table we thought about actually giving it a go to make it a movie, or, at least write the damn story. And so the sordid gruesome story called “Reluctance” was born. We haven’t copywritten anything so the site will remain unlinked for a bit, but I’ve started writing it and heavily collaborating with them on it. What we’ve come up with so far is actually really fucking good! I’m pretty proud of it and I’m proud of how my first collaboration has gone with these two guys. It’s been surprisingly smooth and it’s been great writing down some of their original ideas. It’s kind of a great petri dish of ideas that will eventually become to something pretty cool I think! I don’t know if it’s going anywhere, but we’re pretty determined and I think we have a GREAT concept so… We’ll see…

Lastly, a quick plug from one of my favorite events of the season!!!

The Nevermore Filmfest…

It’s a horror movie festival that’s held every year in Durham NC, and it’s started to make a little bit of a name for itself over the years with it’s debuts, and it’s wonderful catering to all of the independent horror film makers out there. It usually has a couple block-busters (by horror standards anyways…), sometimes some classics, a good smattering of foreign horror films, and a great variety of shorts. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this festival and if seeing a remastered version of the Peter Jackson classic “Dead Alive” on the big screen for the first, and probably last time, doesn’t get your ass in a seat, well… then… you just don’t “get it” (hehe, I hate it when people say that!).

Seriously if you’re a fan or you’re just curious, check out the fest here!!

It’ll be a blast!

Guess that’s about it. Tess gave me the first season of Prison Break on DVD so I think we’ll go and watch a few more of those and hit the hay.

Thanks for stopping by and check back in tomorrow evening!




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