Computers, web sites, and Murphy’s Law

Hey all,

So… a new year, and new web site…

When the first site died a little over a week ago I was so frustrated I felt like crying. No joke. I’ve cried so little in my life that it’s embarassing to me. It’s such a noble emotion and the fact that it gets turned off so easily in my head, has always been upsetting to me. But that’s neither here nor there, when that site came up blank after making one small change on the server side of things… I was crushed. Mostly because Mel had put so much time into the site and her blog entries were REALLY good. So to tell her that all that time and effort was lost was really sad and disheartening to me.

Losing data every once and a while is par for the course with IT, but that’s for me, not for other people. It’s what makes people swear off contributing to the web entirely!!

I didn’t want that for Mel.

So, after trying to recover the old site’s content several times unsuccessfully, I hit the ground running looking for something simple, yet elegant, and above all, was easy to use. Word Press fit the bill and you’re looking at it. The fact that we got this up and running in less than a week with it looking the way it does, is, to me anyways, not only convenient, but damn cool!

So, catastrophe wasn’t averted, the glass was definitely half empty, and everything that could go wrong did. But there was a silver lining, albeit a thin one =).

I like the new look! I defintitely hate the way we got to this point, but I think we’re in a much better place now.

Let me know if you think of any way to make our sites better!


One thought on “Computers, web sites, and Murphy’s Law

  1. Dear Tad,

    Your poem was so poignent and well crafted. You have such a wonder-
    ful way of expressing your thoughts and having maturity beyond your years.
    What is so inspiring is that you always have Hope intertwined in your serious
    writing. We look so forward to reading your words ten years from now and

    Can you do something with this comment box as the writing goes off the
    page. If you could tweak it so that the ending line automatically goes to
    the next line, it would be super!

    Your website is great and we love its design!

    All our love, Mom and Dad

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